Echolite - Update #3 - Echolocation, Base Camp

Echolite - Update #3 - Echolocation, Base Camp

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Cheers my Sparks!

We have some real spicy stuff to show off, so let’s jump straight into it :)


Once some lighting is added in later, the world will basically be hidden outside of a small area of light where the player is. This means that there is near-zero visibility of the surrounding tiles. For a game that requires collecting and building, this becomes an interesting obstacle for the player.

Of course, the name of the game hints at echolocation (and also echo = caves, neat right?). In the context of tilemaps, this represents the identification of tile types as the player moves around.

With a dashboard GUI drafted up in the last update, the art is half-way there! We just need to draft up the icons for tile types, like so:


These tiles, going from left to right, include neutral tiles, resource tiles, and barrier tiles. With more tile types potentially being introduced later, these will certainly be extended!

Now comes the coding (woooo!). Godot has some nice functions for querying the id of a tile, and considering we know what ids relate to what tile types (cause we added them directly), this part is not too challenging. The tricky part is representing those elements visually in the echolocation dashboard.

In reviewing the documentation (gasp), I found a really neat node! It’s called a “Grid Container” and essentially allows things to be arranged in a grid fashion. I was able to leverage this node to arrange a series of container objects. Then, I can loop through each panel and load a specific icon based on the queried tile result. Here’s the outcome:


Base Camp

With these “runs” into the world, there needs to be a central area that the player returns to. From a gameplay standpoint, this is the place where the player can recharge, talk with NPCs, complete quests, craft items, etc…

While it functions as a “safe haven” from the surrounding darkness, thematically it’s a nomadic camp. The few survivors who have settled there are resourceful but don’t own a lot given the barren landscape. This thought process naturally led to the idea of tents, and thus a “base camp” at the center of the world. Here’s what those tents look like!


We haven’t made a functional inventory, placement system, and other necessary features to make this tent a true object, so for prototype-sake I am adding them as a placed tile:


What’s Next?

I have mentioned lighting a few times and this seems like a good time to add it in! It likely won’t affect the energy of the main character as that will require other subsystems, but at least the visuals can be achieved. Alongside this, a new GUI popup will be implemented for approaching objects, say, a tent!