Godot Snips

This page is near and dear to my heart, and one that I believe many other game developers using the Godot Engine will find useful as well! If that is indeed correct, feel free to reach out with your own submissions, changes, suggestions, etc... as they come up and I would happy to add them in for the community (credit always given).

What Is This Place?

(Click to Expand) At least for my own development style, I prefer finding specific answers online that detail the minimum components needed to achieve a given goal. For instance, I may look up "how to generate 2D tiles in a ring formation." Many of the search results often yield vague suggestions for achieving it, which has its own benefits, but for beginners or those individuals who want to save time, this can be frustrating. This is where "Godot Snips" come in! A Godot Snip is simply a small post on this page that details the following:
  • The Desired Action
  • Necessary Nodes (And Ordering)
  • The Minimal Amount Of Code
With this snapshot-esque format, anyone can quickly figure out how to implement a certain concept for their games. Note that these won't cover larger ideas (how to build an inventory), or troubleshoot engine-specific issues (line flickers between tiles). For those kinds of requests, feel free to check out the tutorials tab or reach out to others in the Godot community. We love to help whenever possible!