Below is the list of games I am currently developing! Feel free to select any of them to learn more :)

Echolite Like all of you, I have a certain dream project of mine, but I also recognize that starting out on that path is not ideal or sustainable. This presents a dilemma then, where I really want to explore this massive world and lore I’ve been mapping out, yet lack the skills and funding to do it. As a compromise, I am first starting with the creation of two medium-sized, well-polished games over the next 4-5 years. After those releases, I will begin development on the larger title. The neat aspect is that all of them take place within the same world, just at different points in time. None of them require knowledge of the other, so they are certainly self-contained stories, but it comes with the mindset that if you become invested in the world, you will have tons of content for many years to come. From the development side, this also keeps everything a bit more realistic while still getting to explore this world that I am excited to show all of you!

With this, the first game is called “Echolite!" In terms of mechanics, it’s a blend of roguelites, RPGs, and factory builders. The style is more familiar to help ease into development, in which it will be a 2D, top-down, pixel art game.

As set up previously, the story ties in neatly with the mechanics. You, the player, are a robot that has just been constructed and powered on upon starting the game. The first thing you notice is moreso what you don’t notice, as this world is an endless cave. This world was once open to the sky, but through cosmic events centuries ago, a hardened shell encases the entire world. Those who survived have continued to struggle in this underground world for generations. Your purpose - the reason you were created - is that hope has recently appeared. A small opening has appeared miles above, bringing a small sliver of light from the surface to these people. It is now your mission to venture out into the surrounding darkness, and find a way to bring these people to the new surface.

This is where we start to see the blend of different genres:
  • It’s like a roguelite in that your character relies on the light in order to operate (solar energy essentially), so your experiences into the darkness have this “dungeon-run” feel. That said, you can go in any direction, and the landscape varies as you adventure further, so it leans into the open-world vibe as well.
  • It also integrates core RPG elements like NPC interactions, dialogue choices, quests, crafting, and so on in order to interact with the world and its inhabitants.
  • The factory building element really mixes it up too. If you couldn’t already guess, this idea of “runs” into the darkness and returning quickly to the light means it’s naturally difficult to progress. By adding machines that harvest, plus conveyor belts, minecarts, lasers, and much more, you will be able to develop systems in the darkness that allow your character to travel farther and faster with each run.
  • But wait, there’s more! I have plans to add several subsystems and mechanics that further support this unique game. Just to tease a little, one cool mechanic is echolocation, and one of the subsystems will be stone-carving.
As more progress is made on a daily basis, the game will certainly make more sense and form a concrete identity. I want it to grow with all of you as it develops, and truly create a product that stands out and brings memorable experiences!

If you have read this far, thank you so much! Feel free to check out the social tab and choose your preferred platforms for following the game's progress.