So, What is "Sparkful Studios?"

I’m glad you asked! It mostly comes down to two paths:

  1. It’s the brand behind the games I create as an indie developer.
  2. It’s a community that supports and inspires one another.

Woah! What Inspired the Name?

I see creativity, specifically creative freedom, as the defining aspect of my life. Creativity is what makes us unique, and we all deserve the chance to show that creativity to the world. With that in mind, I wanted to capture this idea of creativity specific to how I come up with ideas and stories.

My brain will be inspired by random things in life, such as an inanimate object or a recent experience/feeling. In the excitement of this initial experience, I begin thinking of other ideas that are intriguing (at least to me anyways!). Before long, this becomes a complex web of concepts that beg to be brought to life.

The concept of “idea” didn’t match the feeling though, in which I gravitated towards “spark.” It perfectly captures the experience of random ideas that pop up. From there, I expanded it to “sparkful” for the second component of the “web.” Creativity is more than a concept - it’s a constant consideration for how different ideas can be interconnected. Thus, “sparkful” encourages spontaneous ideas that all build off one another in an exciting fashion.

What About the “Studio” Part?

Game devs seem to use “studio” a lot in their names, plus it accomplishes that catchy S-S alliteration that brings a smile to every English teacher! So basically, most of the thinking was put into the first part :)

That’s A Lot!

You’re right! Most people won’t read this far into it (except your wonderful self), but there is insane value in making these considerations. The hope is that this name will represent the people, the games, the community, and everything in between.

What Should I Expect To See?

In the coming months, I will begin community-building efforts across numerous platforms. This includes blog posts, videos, discussions, gif teasers, and much more as I continue planning. I will be posting near-daily in rotation between 8+ platforms, so feel free to head over to my social tab to pick the best options for you. I am so excited to form meaningful connections with all of you fellow indie game devs out there!